About Arch

Americans for Respect, Civility and Honor (ARCH) is a national nonpartisan grassroots organization.

ARCH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of unifying Americans and promoting respect, civility and honor in solution-based conversation.

ARCH is working to unite Americans by focusing on what Americans have in common instead of the differences among us.

By uniting Americans, we can help bring an end to animosity, hostility and violence.

America is more than a geographical location on a map. It stands for a nation of people – a national community bound by promises of certain liberties, freedoms and rights. It’s a place that connects Americans and remains in our hearts wherever we go.

More and more, America is becoming a fractured people comprised of individuals and special interest groups focused on differences among us. We are a diverse group of people and this should be celebrated, but we should not allow this diversity to divide us. Americans continue to be grouped and identified based on differences. In many instances, discussions on political, social and public policies are focused solely on what makes some Americans different from others. Despite good intentions, a focus on diversity, but not unity, has proved to separate us and is keeping us apart.

When Americans are faced with challenges, we readily understand the need to put differences aside. We don’t notice them and we don’t think about them. We unite and stand together, and a sense of purpose and pride prevails. When Americans are united, we focus on common goals and dreams. In contests of strength and determination, unity enables us to thrive. When we focus on what unifies us and treat other Americans with respect, civility and honor, we succeed.

Americans have the freedom to choose the manner in which they communicate and the purpose for their statements and actions. They can promote optimism and hope for our nation or pessimism and distrust. They can encourage peacefulness and unity or hostility and disarray. ARCH is calling on all Americans, including elected officials at all levels of government, members of the media, political pundits, celebrities, public figures and YOU to unite. Recognizing the successes Americans enjoy when we focus on commonalities instead of differences, ARCH proposes that Americans come together and unite through solution-based discussion and celebrating how we are alike and what binds us together – with respect, civility and honor.

The fact that you are here means ARCH is succeeding in sharing its message, but please don’t stop here. ARCH needs your help!

The Mission of ARCH

The mission of ARCH is to promote unity in America through respect, civility and honor in open-minded, solution-based discussion.


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America was founded with the promise that certain liberties, freedoms and rights would be provided to all ...

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Get Involved! Reasons Why...

Do you want Americans to unite and work together to solve problems facing our nation and the world?
Are you concerned about divisive political rhetoric and contentious public dialogue?
Do you expect elected representatives to work with others, regardless of party, to get their jobs done?
Do you want facts – not bias-laced “news?”
Do you believe Americans should focus on the similarities, instead of the differences, among us?
Do you believe integrity and accountability are essential in public statements and conduct?
Do you support respectful, civil and honest dialogue and debate aimed at finding real, lasting solutions for issues of concern to our nation and its people?

If you answered “Yes!” to any – or all – of the questions above, join the movement! Get involved! Find out how you can help on our Get Involved page! You can help America by Donating today.

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What Can You Do?

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